Friday, March 28, 2014

The Caxton and Yarwood crew meet up at last!

We had heard on the 'Towpath tom tom' that NB Yarwood was in town and moored up in our manor (Aston Marina).

I took the boys for a walk to hunt them down ... Lesley was giving Yarwood a quick polish before the forecast dodgy weather front came through.

We had a quick chat and arranged to meet up on their boat at 18.00 then head off to The Three Crowns for dinner.

A quick recap ... Lesley and Joe were the original owners of Caxton and it was through reading their blog that we ended up buying Caxton.  The same has happened now with George and Susan reading our blog and buying Caxton from us ... blogging rules OK!

Back to Yarwood ... she is a cracker of a boat, totally different to Caxton, check her out here

Here are Lesley and Joe having intimate moment on their lovely boat ...

We had a great catch up down the pub, and will do it all again next week ...

We were up at a reasonable hour this morning as we wanted to make a bit of a dent on getting the boat ready for the handover.

We went to Stoke to buy some packing boxes and bubble wrap, it was then back to the boat to make a start.  After having a cuppa we decided to start at the bow and work our way towards the stern.  We went quite well ... the bow locker is clear, the cargo hold is now empty apart from paint, an anchor and warp and a couple of mud weights.  Elaine has cleared out two cupboards and under the bed.  I now have my watch back that disappeared about two years ago!  

It was a good start.  We felt that as we were ahead of schedule, and of course it was a Friday. we should head off to The Royal Exchange for early doors.

The usual suspects had diminished to four, however we were joined later by narrowboat royalty; it was the first time we had met them and we all had a good old natter. 

Our Aston Marina 'hardcore' guests wish to remain anonymous at this time.  No worries Prunella and Timothy - sorted!

Tomorrow we are heading off for a weekend in London - we are taking the motorhome to Crystal Palace caravan park and on Sunday we will go to a Place in the Sun show at Olympia. 


  1. Great meeting you both, glad you enjoyed our new TV series on the canals.