Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not A Good Result :-(

Today was the day, we were off to Old Trafford to see the mighty Manchester Utd play Liverpool.

We got a good parking spot and joined the throng heading to the big game.

Outside the theatre of dreams.

The Man U guys having a pre match warm up.

I had to buy a scarf.

Ray, the man who made it all possible, I owe you big time!

The teams come out onto the pitch.

Rooney kicks off the first half.

The great Stevie Gerrard takes a corner for the scousers.

Managers Moyes and Rodgers shout out their instructions.

The old bill reading the programme!

Gerrard scores from a penalty

Suarez starts off the second half.

A minute later Gerrard puts them 2-0 up with another penalty!

Keep you hair on Wayne

A packed crowd of 75225 enjoy the action, actually about 75000 didn't enjoy the action!

Third penalty to Liverpool....with all these penalties it was getting like a rugby match.

Gerrard sends the goalie the wrong way but hits the post! 

Suarez scored late to make it 3-0 to Liverpool, but I didn't get a pic.

Man U get a freekick just outside the box....

Can Rooney get a consolation goal.....

....Nope it goes over the bar.

The losers trudge off.

Followed by the victors.

We passed this sign next to the M6 on the way home.....looks like its the end for Moyes!

So our team didn't win but what a day, even if you don't like football the atmosphere  at a premier league is just fantastic, just try and go to one if you can. I will say this about the Manchester Utd supporters, even though their team got flogged they cheer their team to the end with non stop singing and chanting, even after the game has finished, they know that their team will bounce back, not this season though.

Tomorrow we are off in the motorhome to join some of the Aston Marina boaters up in Northumberland, we are staying at a haunted remote farmhouse on the moops! 

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  1. Fantastic match photos. You must have a very good lens on that camera!

    Enjoy Northumberland...