Saturday, March 29, 2014

Off Down To The Palace

Crystal Palace that is.

We had an uneventful drive down the M6 and M1, then drove straight through the centre of London, which was fun.  At least driving the motorhome they know we are tourists and let us in when we are in the wrong lane!

Loved this colour coordinated old girl walking down Edgeware Road (when she turned round she had purple rimmed glasses on too!) ...

Past the horses head sculpture at Marble Arch ... 

Give way to the big red bus! 

The sun was out, so the roller had the roof down ... 

Over Vauxhall Bridge, James Bond HQ on the left ... 

Ahh The Thames, will we go down it again in a narrowboat one day?  

Finally moored up in the Crystal Palace Caravan Club!  We should have no problem with TV reception as we are in the shadow of the Crystal Palace transmitting tower ... 

Nice spot with the park behind us ... 

We went for a walk down to the park when we heard and spotted these...... 

Parrots in London!!

There is not much left of the Palace as it burnt down in 1936,  Here is Bombo doing his Sphinx impersonation, much to the amusement of some Japanese tourists passing by!

We went for a walk around Crystal Palace.  As we are up high we could see the Shard through the heat was 20 degrees today! 

Here is a boat connection.... we saw this on the wall of a very nice house along the road a bit, in Dulwich Hill.  Evidently this chap invented the screw  propeller - see, I do try to get a narrowboat connection in somewhere!

This is his des res ... 

We found a very nice, dog friendly pub where we met a nice Aussie chap who has been here eight years and, like us, just loves the UK especially London, it is just so special.

Talking of special, it is two years today that we landed in this fine country!


  1. Congratulations seems like you have had two years of great fun on and around the canals.
    I have enjoyed reading your amusing, informative and imaginative blog of your travels.Y our pets are also stars in their own right!
    So, glad that you are continuing your blog while your are cruising on 'wheels' too, perfick! Wozie nb Oakfield

  2. Cheers Wozie, we really are enjoying ourselves, and as you say its just perfick!