Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Boaters Get Together

After a peaceful nights sleep in the motorhome we headed back to the good ship. 

We stopped at the Macclesfield B & Q burger van for brekky, no expense spared on our travels.

We also stopped to get some supplies at the Posh Tesco at Meir Heath.

By the time we unloaded the van and cleaned it up and sorted out the boat it was time for the Monday boaters get together.

The weather was superb so we all sat outside in the blazing sun, I reckon the temp got up to 14 degrees!!!

I was a little disturbed though as no one was drinking alcohol.....I had consumed plenty over the weekend so wasn't too concerned,  I am pretty sure the others had done the same.

The group is still quite large,  Dot and Gordon being the only ones missing so far.

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