Sunday, March 9, 2014

Truma Trauma

We left the marina on Friday to go to Macclesfield for the weekend.  I needed to get another 3 months supply of drugs, plus there was a pub in Bollington that was in the Brit Stops Book which we wanted to check out.

Once the animals were all aboard we were off.  When we cruise on the boat the dogs assume the position on the roof, sitting in the life ring but when we start off in the motorhome the 3 cats assume the position on the bed.   Our animals have a hard life !

We popped in for a swift one at Sutton Hall, which in my opinion must be the most flash, dog friendly pub in the UK ...

Next stop was The Poachers in Bollington village.  We arrived late afternoon and were met in the car park by the landlord and his missus ... he told us to park in the corner where we could use the electrical hookup.  They said that the pub opened at five if we fancied a drink!! 

We settled in and levelled up the van on the ramps, then went to turn on the Truma heating ... nothing!  It wouldn't work on gas or 240v . The only tools I had onboard was my trusty leatherman, so I didn't rate my chances of fault finding the problem.  Elaine's friend Jane lives in the village so she came round with her dog then they all went off for a walk, leaving me to play with the defective heater.  I kept thinking it must have something to do with having the new alarm fitted the other day, it seemed so coincidental.

All of a sudden it just started working ... fantastic, it was soon very toasty inside.

We went to the pub at 19.00 with Elaine's friend Jane and her hubby Andy.  We had dinner there as well, it was a fantastic pub with good food and doggy friendly.

We left the pub late, walking 50 paces to our mobile hotel - it was a good job we didn't want to move as we were completely blocked in!  It is a very busy car park.

Oh, and once back in the motorhome the 'kin heater wouldn't work, so all seven of us snuggled up for a chilly night !

This is the pub, I love Brit Stops!  Total cost for a nights stay and elec hookup ... £0.00 ... mind you we did have a few pints plus dinner, so we all benefit.

The following morning we left the motorhome in the car park and went for a walk around the village.  The Landlord said we could stay there days if we wanted, the book says 24 hours only, but obviously if the owners don't mind it's no probs. (The owners are motorhomers and Britstops members themselves).

I love Bollington. it's one of the places that I really feel I could call home ... for the summer. 

We passed this house with many bird houses in the trees - it still amazes me when you go to a hardware store that you can buy a myriad of bird feeders, bird houses, bird food etc.  You do see them for sale back in Oz but on a very small scale compared to here.

By the time we got back all the drunks from the night before had come back and picked up their cars ... it is nice that they don't drink and drive.

The 'kin heater still wouldn't work and dollar signs were flashing in front of my eyes.

We drove to Macclesfield and parked up around the back of Elaine's dad's house.  It was then down town to get my drugs and for Elaine to do some retail therapy ... she did very well whilst I was given copious amounts of tea and coffee by the shop assistants!

When we got back to the house Elaine's brother Trevor popped around in his Moggie Minor, so we decided that we would go and attack the 'kin heater. 

We started off by checking the various fuses which are located under the dashboard, under the bonnet, next to the B pillar and in the habitation compartment, there must be about 50 fuses!!. 

Trevor went home to get his multi meter whilst I was pulling and checking fuses as we couldn't find anywhere in the manual which fuse supplied the 'kin heater!  Trev came back armed with many electrical-checking gadgets, the problem being that the heater was now working fine!!  It seems it was probably a dirty contact and that I had inadvertently fixed it.  The trouble is I didn't know which fuse it was, as I type this it is still working fine....

Where we are moored behind the house there are many trees and loads of squirrels.  The dogs hate them and go mental ... here they are looking out of the motorhome bedroom window ... what you can't see and hear is the squealing and shaking of their bodies in anticipation of ripping the squirrels to pieces!

So to today, and what a fantastic day it was.  I just love spring when new growth is starting and you can feel the heat of the oh so glorious sun's been a while I tell ya.

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk up to the canal ...

This is the door of an A***hole - you can read about our meeting with him nearly 2 years ago here 

He obviously had his way and had the the water point moved away from his house but now it is a 24 hour mooring ... serves the miserable old bastard right.  He still has his surveillance video cameras in place around his gate ...

The buttresses are all repaired now from last year and the towpath is fully operational ...

We walked for miles ...  it's only been about five weeks since Elaine's major op, but she managed it with aplomb ... she said that she now feels the best she has done in years!

This has to be one of the prettiest bridges on the canal system ...

We stopped for a beer break at the Kings Head at Gurnett.  This Massey Ferguson tractor pulled up outside the pub and the driver went in for a drink.........

...... and here she is!   She told us she keeps it in her driveway and goes for weekend drives on it when she cruises at 12 MPH and has a top speed of 16 MPH!  It is a 1956 model and cost her £1000 on eBay.  Insurance is £29.00 a year and road tax £0.00 ... I want one - as does Elaine !

We will head off back to the boat in the morning.  Hopefully the weather will still be good so I can carry on varnishing the cratch boards.