Saturday, March 15, 2014

A weekend of Sport

We didn't do a great deal today as there was a feast of Rugby on the box. First up we watched the poms stuff the Italians which was to be expected, I missed the next one out as it wouldn't make a difference to the end result. 
During the break between the important games I cleaned up the cratch cover and went to Stone to buy some more paint as I want to paint the stern lockers. 

Then it was the final game, I never thought I would be cheering the frogs, but alas they couldn't do it, but what a fantastic game it was. All credit to the Paddies as they are now crowned the six nation champions.  

Tomorrow is a huge day and one of the most important days since we arrived in the UK two years ago......Ray from NB Ferndale has four tickets to go and watch Manchester Utd vs Liverpool at Old Trafford....I have one of the tickets and I am very very excited to have one and very grateful to Ray for giving it to me.  

Unfortunately my excitement is dampened by Elaine still feeling crook :-( 

Other happenings today....Roly and Bev  on NB Klara left the marina, I nipped down to their berth camera in hand to get a shot of them leaving, bugger too late an empty berth!

I nipped up to the bridge and with the camera on max zoom got a pic of them disappearing through a bridge, they were about 1/2 a mile away by then! You will never meet a more lovely and generous couple than Roly and Bev.

Before heading off for a takeaway chinky I took the dogs for a walk around the marina and was glad to see that the old Fergie  tractor was back on display, they took it away a few days ago. The main reason I am happy to see it back is because its what I tie the dogs to when visiting the farm shop!

Next week we are off to an Aston Marina boaters get together week at a remote farmhouse in Northumberland, apparently the back yard has some old wall built by some Hadrian chap running through it, should be much fun! 


  1. Give Elaine a big hug from us and hope she’s feeling much less ‘crock’ very soon.

    1. She is feeling much better today thanks....less crook xx