Friday, March 14, 2014


I was up early this morning as I was on a mission, but firstly I took the dogs for a walk around the marina, the worrying part was three people said to me what are you doing up so was 08.30! Mind you we didn't go to bed till 01.30 the night before!

It was a tad foggy

Once back onboard I commenced my mission. An old customer of mine back in OZ was chasing a part for a Marine Rescue boat over there, the reason he rang me was because the boat happened to be an old Arun 52 ex RNLI lifeboat which were built in the UK.  It was a difficult task as the boat was built in 1978, she was based in Scotland until she was decommissioned and sold to the Australian coastal patrol in 1999. the part they were looking for was a rudder....after many phone calls I think I have found one in Bedford, so I passed all the info over to my old mate back in OZ so he can liaise with them to check that it is correct, all going well it will be airfreighted out next week, I didn't ask the cost but they would be talking thousands. 

This is the boat, she is based in Port Stephens on the NSW coast.

Another boat sailed away today.....

This time it was Clare and Roy and the lovely NB Foxglove. 

So that's the prettiest boat on the marina gone, see ya later guys.

It was a lovely sunny day so I got another coat of varnish on the cratch, then I dived into the vast forward hold where there are numerous spare parts, amongst which were some spot lights, so out of three units I made up one new lovely rust free light.

Check out that beauty.

I also re painted the club symbol on the hatch which had become a bit faded, probably because it is where Bombo sits when we are cruising.

It was now late afternoon and time to go and meet the usual suspects down the pub for a few pints, Elaine was feeling a bit crook so stayed at home with the dogs and her Kindle.

We had the usual session and a laugh, we were joined by Bazza and Carol, from NB Winstons Folly, they are currently  moored up in Stone getting their tractor seats fitted.

Once back on the boat I adjusted the new headlight, I aimed it just above the horizontal and slightly to the left so that should piss off other boats when I meet them in a tunnel.

Finally a couple of things I forgot off yesterdays list.....The BSS has nearly 3 years left on it and the boat also has a safe that apart from passports, cash etc will also easily hold two laptops. 


  1. Great photos you guys. We wish you both all the best with your next adventure. Hope you keep up the blogging as it has been a great read. Take care of one another and hope to see you again soon ( probably tomorrow when we collect our car!) xxx