Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here Come The Hercules

The things you find when out dog walking....we went for a walk over at Hixon and stumbled across a plane scrapyard.

There were all sorts of military aircraft and helicopters there.

The Hercules was the biggest

Another wingless Hercules  

This poor old Phantom had seen better days

And these were its better days, I googled its rego number and came up with this nice pic taken in 1977.

Other happening things today were taking the Citroen for its MOT test, which I am pleased to say passed.

The alarm man turned up on time and spent four and half hours fitting an alarm to the motorhome.


  1. Just been catching up ... I've never seen an 'Anonymous' troll on a blog before - s/he can't have read your words very carefully I think!
    ps love the hair! (like Dave's back then). Those were the days eh?

    1. Yep I think he may hit the turps before he hits the keyboard!