Thursday, March 27, 2014

Settlement Day.

We stayed at the motorhome dealership a bit longer than planned!   I mentioned that we had been having problems with the heater and now it had packed up completely.  As I hadn't booked it in they said we may have to wait a while until a man was free.  I went out to the van to wait and within a few minutes a chap came out, walking around the van checking for any damage before they did any work on it - plus to ask if we had food in the fridge etc so they could keep the fridge working whilst working on the van. All very professional.

He took the keys away and we sat in the luxurious waiting room talking to other motorhome owners about their past and upcoming trips etc.

About an hour later the sparky came out for a chat and said he had replaced and checked all the obvious points but it was going to take another couple of hours before he could track down the problem....the $ signs began to flash in front of my eyes.

At 15.00 we got the call that all was well and we would be warm again!  They asked if I could come to reception to sort out the bill - apparently it was a dodgy connection behind the PSU unit but he had to pull half the van apart to cover it.  The cost?  Zero ... all covered under warranty ... result!

So now I can watch crap TV up the front of the van on my new monitor and see behind when reversing, which is good ... the bonus being that we will be snuggly and warm whilst doing it!

We travelled home passing the very scenic Ratcliffe On Soar coal fired power station.

I quite like industrial landscapes and she is quite an impressive mother!

Fun with Picasa ...

Steam, tipper trucks and diggers....what more could a boy want? 

One for the greenies, check out the mountains of coal, she burns 5.5 million tonnes of coal a year!!

Once back at the boat it was time to catch up on emails.  We now own a residence in Sydney again, the settlement was yesterday and we made it by the skin of our teeth to get the money sorted.  Thank God for Skype, as we made a lot of calls to Oz to try and hurry along the banks.  We just need to get someone in to rent it now.

Elaine started on the list of things to do as the new owners take over the boat on 17th April.  After that we will officially become 'travellers', so no more antiperspirant or nice clothes ... come to think of it we haven't got any nice clothes, so we should fit in OK.  Does anyone need new Tarmac on their drive?

Many thanks for all the nice messages and emails re selling of the good ship.

Right better start packing!!


  1. Na, cant be travellers, wrong accent &/or no dreadlocks !! ;-)