Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Busy Day

Elaine had an appointment at Manchester today, but it was just a quickie for a change so we took the dogs with us - we decided I would take them for a walk whilst Elaine popped into the hospital.

An Emirates A380 Airbus passed over us as we were driving up the M6 ... it was on its final approach into Manchester ...

We parked up and Elaine went in for her appointment whilst I went for a walk around the area.  I found this lovely private road with some rather substantial houses in it ...

At the end of the private road there was a lovely park, with all the spring flowers ... well ... springing!

When I met Elaine we sat on the bench outside and had a cuppa in the lovely sunshine.  We noticed this though ... I hope they didn't pay the signwriter!

We got back to the boat at about lunchtime and after a quick chat with Ray and Diane plus Andy and Sue we both got stuck into our respective jobs.

I carried on using the heat gun to get the old varnish off the cratch whilst Elaine spent the afternoon sorting out cupboards, transporting stuff to the motorhome and generally preparing it for our trip next week.

It was another lovely day but a tad chilly in the wind.

By the time we had finished the sun was setting over the Aston Church ... lovely!

... and the marina was looking superb!

Back to Manchester tomorrow for an all day visit :-(


  1. Nowt wrong with the sign writing, just that you don't read Welsh !!

    1. It was tongue in cheek Alf, it just amused me :-)

  2. My favorite translation used to be the dessert isle in tesco - PWDIN, love it!

    1. Pwdin Moron.......Welsh carrot pudding!!!

  3. We are booked into Aston from 27th March as we are going south in a hire car for Mothers Day, are you about or off on your travels???
    Lesley and Joe

    1. Yay we meet at last, we will be here.

    2. Oh yippee doo dah!
      See you all on the 27th then.