Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anyone Want To Buy A Nice Boat?

We have been thinking a lot lately of our future plans (just for a change!).   

Our first plan is to head to Europe in the motorhome for an undetermined time, plus travel around the UK to visit other places away from the canal.

One thing that is a definite is that we don't want to spend another winter in the UK ... they are just too long and miserable!

So, we will either rent a place in Spain or live in the motorhome in Spain or if that doesn't appeal to us we will return to Oz.

Whilst we are doing all this travelling around poor old Caxton will be sitting in the marina :-(

Therefore we have made the rather sad decision to sell her!

I will do a proper ad with lots of nice internal pics later, but thought I would  put it out there now, just in case there are any blog readers or friends of blog readers or friends of friends of blog readers who would like to buy a  fantastic, lovely, well proven and well looked after live-aboard narrowboat. 

Here is a brief Spec sheet of the boat ...

1. 68 ft Semi-Trad,  built on a  Reeves shell and fitted out by Barn Owl narrowboats, Ash fitout, NO MDF.

2. Launched October 2008.  It was the Canal Boat test-boat March 2009 and Barn Owl show boat at Crick May 2009.

3. It is a 'Reverse layout' with cross bed in the bow.

4. Ubiquitous Beta 43hp teamed with a PRM 150 Hydraulic Gearbox 

5. Powerful Vetus 75kgf  (6hp) Electric bow thruster

6. 5 x 110Ah AGM Leisure Batteries 1 x Engine battery 1 x Bow thruster battery.

7. 240v Travel Power Generator plus  Mastervolt 2.5Kw inverter/charger

8. LED lighting throughout the boat

9. Full size Belling gas cooker

10.  Full size Neff dishwasher

11.  Full size John Lewis clothes dryer

12.  Full size Miele washing machine

13.  12v Fridgemaster fridge

14.  Granite bench tops 

15.  Hurricane Diesel heater. supplying hot water and heating 5 radiators

16.  Calorifier in the engine room heated by the engine, Hurricane heater and 240v immersion heater.

17.  Aarrow ecoburn multi-fuel stove

18.  Flat Screen 240 v TV with freesat.

19.  12v Radio/CD player with ipod connection.

20.  Thetford Cassette toilet with spare cassette.

21.  Full size shower.

22.  Double glazed portholes.

23.  2 x Houdini hatches

24.  2 x side hatches.

25.  160 gallon stainless steel water tank.

26.  Loads of storage space and cupboards.

27.  Super big extended cratch, with cellar doors, allowing access to a huge underfloor storage area. You wouldn't believe the amount of men that have 'cratch envy' ... I'm serious!  There is no need to have any clutter on the roof, the extended cratch also makes a superb dining area in the summer.  

28. Caxton is a quality live-aboard boat, if you check out the blog  you can see the boat being built, and follow Lesley and Joe's adventures on her up to January 2012 ... after that it is all covered on this blog. 

29.  The Price .... High 60K.

Any more info you can email us by clicking here  or phone 07412176567.

I will do a e-beaut ad later.


  1. Hi you two,
    Hope you sell as quickly as we did - use Apollo Duck to advertise and keep your ad at the top of the list - costs a bit extra but would be worth it. I copied an ABNB advert and then changed the info and photos to our own to make sure that all the needed info is there and easy to read. Also put a copy of it Caxton’s windows. Good Luck for the sale and the future, but keep up with the blog wherever you are, whatever you’re doing!

    1. We will put her Apollo Duck in a few weeks.

  2. Lovely boat and very appealing.
    Just a shame for me that it's a little on the long side or else I would be very interested. I'm sure you will find a good home for Caxton. Best Wishes

    1. Hi Nigel, If you are living aboard the extra length is well worth it, when you are steering she doesn't seem that long.

  3. That's a shame, looks a lovely boat, hope you keep the blog up as its one of the best blogs I follow. Good luck with the sale.

    1. She is a lovely boat and thanks for the nice comments.

  4. Good luck with the sale.
    I'm rather jealous you have a dishwasher, it's the only thing I miss from living in a house.
    X Yvonne