Monday, March 4, 2013

Blacking Day 2

Up at sparrows this morning, we (Trev, Elaine and myself) put another coat of blacking on plus painted inside the bow thruster tube, the weed hatch for the bow thruster and the weed hatch for the prop.

Elaine looked delightful in her see through overalls - or her disposable onesie!

Patented diverters to stop water from the sinks etc stuffing up the paintwork ... I made them from an old plastic bottle, they work very well.

When we finished the blacking for the day Elaine sanded and painted the gang plank, boat hook and barge pole.  (She was feeling a bit chilly at that stage - even tho' the sun was shining!)

Trevor painted the tunnel bands - we call him freehand Trev now!  He has an incredibly steady hand and keen eye for detail!

We will get another coat of blacking on tomorrow - finishing off our 20 litre tin of paint, plus recoat the bands, and pole etc.

So we should have all the hull sorted by Tuesday, which was the general plan as the rain is due on Wednesday.  I'm not sure what we will do for the rest of the week but pretty sure we will find plenty of odds and sods to sort out before we go back in the water on Sunday.

It is funny living in a boat on a hard stand - Elaine keeps swearing that the boat is still rocking - she even thought she heard ducks nibbling at the boat last night!  The dogs are incredibly intrigued as to where the water has gone around their home!  They havn't been out too much for the past couple of days (apart from their normal walks) because the chap working on the boat behind ours has a Rottweiller ... which is very nice and exceptionally well behaved but so much bigger than our boys !

Trev's gone home tonight - he had planned to help us out for the next couple of days but we seem to be ahead of schedule.  He - and we - can't believe how quickly we have manged to get most of it done !  Job well done so far :)


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