Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blacking day 4

The weather forecast was correct - today was rather gloomy, but we still managed to get another coat of blacking around the waterline, plus another coat of paint on the foredeck. Also fitted the new bow thruster prop, plus refitted the 2 weed hatches. Compared with yesterday it was rather a cruisy day!

Elaine feels much better and has spent the day doing a bit of 'gardening', tidying cupboards, did a bit of her blog and a bit of cooking (she tells me it was a Chickpea and Chocolate cake ... follow this link for the recipe ... it was rather nice too!)

A new expandable poly tunnel was deliverd this morning ... so now they have two.  The idea being that when the weather is rather dodgy you can cover your boat and carry on painting.  The whole thing is mounted on wheels so you can move it along the boat as required.  I was quite glad of the one that is already in place at the bow of the boat as the weather was definitely on the inclement side today!

Elaine took the doggies for a walk around the marina and took a few pics ... they have 2 working old telephone boxes - not such a common site to get a phone box and narrow boats in the same pic!

Plus a gnome garden ...

Tonight we had a visitor, not the JCB ... the pheasant!

We thought he would keep his distance but came right up to the boat ...

As we are well ahead of schedule we will take the car to Macclesfield on Saturday and catch the train back to Stafford.  Then, when we are slipped off on Sunday morning, we can head back towards Stone and the North! 

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