Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Ready for the Off

We are now ready to leave Macclesfield after being here for nearly 2 weeks!  Medical appointments - sorted, catching up with relatives - sorted, catching up with Macc friends - sorted, weather has was actually quite a nice day, alas as I type this it's started to snow albeit very lightly.
So where are we heading......Liverpool !!!  At least going there by boat they can't nick the wheels!
We will head off tomorrow and link up with Dot and Gordon (NB Ewn Ha Cul) and Toni and Ray (NB Ferndale).

We will then armour-plate the boats, fit the anti-yob gun turrets and prepare the boiling oil to repel any invaders whilst going along the Ashton Canal !

Back to today......I gave the old girl her 250 hour service, changed oil and filters, changed fuel and air filters, adjusted the stern gland, changed the gearbox oil and adjusted all the belts ... all good for another 250 hours. I had a quick check over of the Hurricane Heater and I couldn't help but notice that we have run the the Hurricane for 600 hours in 1 year.  Lesley and Joe, the previous owners, ran it for under 1000 hours in 3 years!  We are indeed girly!

Whilst I was busy in the engine room Elaine was busy snogging her dog!
 That's better ...

Actually she was very busy in the kitchen as we had dad, Burtie and brother, Trev coming round for lunch.

It was a very long and most enjoyable lunch ...

Looking forward to getting on the move tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck with the Ashton - did it last September. Worry not about invaders from the shore but keep weaponry to hand for clearing the prop...took us two long hours to cut away upholstery remains!