Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where Are All the Boats?

Another late night last night!  These days if we are in bed by midnight it is an early one!  How things change ... back in Oz 10.30 pm would be a real late night!

As a result of the late night we did not get up early!  So off we went on today's journey I was surprised that there were no boats on the move.  We passed Westport Lake, not one boat there!


Onwards to the Harecastle tunnel.  There were no boats coming the other way so we were waved straight through!  As I have mentioned many times I really don't like the tunnels, especially this one as the door slams behind you and they turn on the very noisy extractor fans.....bang, pitch black noisy as all hell.  I just focus on the tiny spec of light at  the other  end of the tunnel getting bigger and bigger!

After the tunnel we turn on to the Macc canal.... ah that's better.

Sam likes the Macc!

Geoffrey quite likes it too ...

Now here is an unusual sight ... me operating the lock (yes, it was a stop lock!)

And Elaine in charge of the boat (yes, it was a stop lock !)

Very muddy towpath ...

Love this house, very private and secluded, still no sign of any boats on the move!

We passed NB Rock n Roll but there was no one on board  We passed George and Carol walking back along the towpath a bit further on, they said they were going to move from their present mooring.

Shortly after they moored behind us, so at least we spotted one boat moving today!

We had a towpath chat and they invited us around for evening drinks.

Elaine made a yummy fish pie for dinner whilst I sat down with a beer and watched England vs Wales.....say no more.

It's now 12.30am....we have just got back from George and Carol's boat....another late night, never mind, we had a good old chat and laugh, thanks guys.! 

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