Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Were Off!

Or we will be Thursday morning, but first last night ... I took the doggies for the usual midnight walk ... as soon as I got off the boat a chap came over and said "My big staffie has got off his lead and if he sees your two little dogs he will do them serious damage".  We did a quick U-Turn back to the boat, but he soon shouted over that he had caught the errant beast!

Back on board the boat it was shower time except the shower sump pump wasnt removing the water from the shower tray!  So, we remained dirty for the night!  This morning I removed the pump to check it out, basically it had some crud under one of the one way valves.

A quick clean up, reassemble and it was working again, good result.

As per the previous blog the stove glass arrived at the post office, so that is now fitted and the stove is now doing a sterling job .... the smoke has now turned to white!

Another strange thing that has happened is that our drinking water now smells and tasts like TCP ! I have put it down  to the fact that we recently bought a new water hose and have filled the tank twice with it ... I can't think of any other reason.  We did a google search on it and it seems that chlorine in the water can react with plastics, so hopefully it is that.  We have a charcoal filter, a jug filter and have even boiled the water but it still smells and tastes rotten.  We are emptying the tank as much as we can now and tomorrow we will refill it and run the water through the hose some more!

The rest of today was spent walking the dogs, shopping and refilling the boat with food and booze (and drinking water!).  We also went for our final drink at The Swan.

So that's it, tomorrow we commence our journey northward.
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  1. What? Not coming to curry night?!
    Farewell guys.... we'll keep an eye out for you. Mick says hello and goodbye too!

  2. New hose does this, we always keep a well used, been out in the garden for years hose, to use to fill the water.

    1. I thought that was the problem, they reckon it is safe but it sure does smell and taste bad