Friday, March 22, 2013

What the ??!!

Elaine here ...

We are moored up in Macclesfield - so glad we went to get a refill of water yesterday morning because this was the view from the side window this morning ... a mere Springtime blizzard !  For most of the night last night the boat was rocking and rolling and crashing and swaying ...
The boys went out the side window for a quick widdle this morning and promptly jumped back in the boat ! 

The weather had a brief respite late morning but in the afternoon the wind picked up again and the snow started and now we are sitting in the middle of a mega blizzard.  I swear it is like living in the arctic!  I can't begin to tell you how awful the wind is !  The boat is rattling and shuddering in the wind and occasionally crashing (as if a boat had just gone past really fast!).  The animals aren't too impressed !  Paul is missing out on this new improved weather as he has nipped down to Milton Keynes this arvo to see his Mum and his Mate (a prior arrangement)!

I made good use of my time confined to quarters today while the boy was away ... by playing with some chemicals ... oops, I mean making soap !!  Some lovely soaps they will be too and I will blog about them in my little blog later !

I had a look at the weather on the internet (we can't get the tele at the moment because the dish won't stay put with all the wind !)

Not getting much better tomorrow either ...

Hey, wasn't that just the Spring equinox yesteday?!!!  What the ???!!!

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  1. Same here at bridge 86 but i think we are making a break for Congleton today. Now I know why we stay in a marina for winter Diane