Friday, March 8, 2013

Yippie ka yay motha fu**er

The boat is all sorted so we had a very easy day - just a bit of tidying up, and reassembling, of the cratch and that was it!  I was going to wash the boat but the weather was just bloody awful!  I had forgotten how dull, grey and miserable the UK weather can get but then again I did leave these wonderful shores over 30 years ago ... so I put it down to memory loss.  Never mind, the boat is lovely warm and dry.

So, what to do on such a crap day ... go to the flicks!  There was nothing of any interest in Stafford so we ended up driving to Stoke to watch the Friday afternoon showing of  'A Good Day To Die Hard'.  Elaine is in love with Bruce Willis ... I think that is due to the fact that he and I share the same hairstyle!

What was the film like?  Well - pretty funny!  Bruce just takes the piss and collects his pay cheque.  It passed away a couple of hours though.

We take the car up to Macclesfield tomorrow, we will leave it with Elaine's brother whilst we are off cruising.   We will catch the train back to Stafford and then bus it to the boat club - then we will be carless again!

Nearly opening time up at the club bar ... time to pop up for a swift one or two!  It's a hard life :)

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