Saturday, March 9, 2013

To Macc and Back

We drove our car to Macclesfield today to drop it off to its summer resting place.  We popped in to see Elaine's dad for a couple of hours first.  It turned out the football was on (Everton vs Wigan) so I enjoyed watching that with Burt ... 3 goals in 3 minutes!

We then deposited the car around the back of brother Trevor's house.  Its MOT is due next Tuesday - Trev is going to sort it for us.  I hope it will pass - it has been a superb little car.  I'm not sure what the MOT entails in the UK - in Oz its a matter of "if you drove it to the test she'll be right mate"!

Car parked up for its summer holiday !
We then went to Macc railway station and caught the train back to Stafford.  It took 1.25 hours to drive to Macc, whereas the train journey back took 35 mins and £6.50....bargain!

The dogs love going on the train (or is it that we love takiing them on the train!)

Once we got off the train at Stafford we had to find our way back to the boat.  There was a bus stop by the station (but not the right bus for where we were headed) so when the first bus pulled up  I asked the driver how to get to the Stafford Boat Club on the Wildwood estate.  He answered "jump on the bus and I will take you to the bus stop you need".  He didn't even charge us, plus he checked the times of the bus we would have to catch and showed us exactly the bus we needed!  The customer service in this country is just amazing - we are constantly astounded!  The Aussie bus driver would have said "You are not coming on my bus with those flea bitten mongrels".

We got back on board the good ship and lit the fire - it is supposed to snow tonight!  We then got stuck into Elaine's yummy home made veggie lasagne ... yum yum.

We went up to the boat club to see about returning our key and for a final drink but it turned out there was a private party going on (as there was last night too).  It is funny - they reserve a table or an area for members to have a drink at regardless of what is going on!  It's a bit weird gate-crashing someone's party!

So that's it.  Tomorrow we are back in the water and off on this year's big adventure.  Our first stop will be Great Haywood and the very dog friendly pub, The Clifford Arms.  Who knows, we may be cruising in the snow tomorrow!

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