Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What an Amazing Coincidence ...

This morning we had just left the boat and were driving along a back street of Macc (headng to Bosley to empty the cassette) when we spotted a dog that looked like an absolute dead ringer for Bombo ... so much so that we actually had to check the back seat to make sure we still had him ! We have never seen a dog that is exactly the same as him, and never really know what model he is except that he is a cross Maltese something.

So we chucked a u-ey and decided we would ask the chap what sort of dog it was, this is how the conversation went.....

Us:  Excuse me, we couldn't help noticing your dog is exactly the same as ours, what is he?

Him:  He is a cross Maltese Pomeranian ...

Us:  Oh thanks - Bombo  is a rescue dog so we never knew what model he was.

Him:  He is from Australia ...

Us:  So is he!

Him:  I bought him in Melbourne, then moved to Perth ...

Us:  Sydney !

All of us:  What the ?!!!

 The chap had lived in Australia for 8 years and came back to Bollington 2 years ago, he like us brought his dog back with him.......

... and so the conversation continued into both of our circumstances etc .... but what a huge coincidence that was !  (By the way, Bombo has exactly the same 'hoodie' but in red!)

Anyway, here is Bombo's doppelganger ...

Hello, long lost cuz !

Same 'bored' expression !
His dog had just been clipped so looked a little different in the face but had the same mannerisms!

 After that little encounter we went to Bosley locks to do a dump-out and then had a nice walk down and back up the locks.  We only saw one boat coming up the locks in the whole time !  Mind you it was a cold, grim day (only got to 6 degs today!).  Evidently this March will be the coldest since the 60's!

Just as an aside, we spotted this bench while walking around Macc ... it had been re-painted.  It seems that someone had padlocked their bike to it at some point ... so what to do but paint IT as well !!

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  1. fancy a bench ‘walking’ round Macclesfield!

  2. That's a bit freaky, though they do say we all have a double somewhere so why not animals as well.