Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stafford Boat Club

We are moored up at the bottom of the slipway at the moment - in readiness for going up onto the hard stand tomorrow morning.  Not sure why but the boat is really rocking and rolling - maybe it has something to do with being in shallow water?

Today we just did a few' odds and sods' on the boat in preparation for tomorrow and then took the dogs for a good walk.  It was a lovely, sunny day - I would even have to say it was WARM !  Bombo sunbathed on the roof for quite a long time today and Geoffrey jumped off the boat a couple of times for an (accompanied) walk on the grass and a bit of sunbathing himself!

So, Stafford boat club, what a neat little club!  Last night we went for drinks at 8.00pm which is when the bar opens but we were the only people in the bar! The customers start to come in at 9.30-10.00pm ! This is so different from going for a drink in Oz where you are generally heading home by 9.30pm! A lot of Aussies are in bed by 8.30pm ... not the young 'uns, they are the same the world over, out all night, sleep all day!

We left the bar after 11.00pm and they were still going strong!

Back to today, I took a few pics of the grounds, which are immaculate, the whole place is looked after by the club members.....

There is an old lock in the grounds!

The members even built the club house....all volunteer labour!

It is so worth a visit if you are passing ...

I took a pic inside the bar, but as it was the afternoon it was shut.

Not sure what time they will drag us out of the water tomorrow - they mentioned something about 9 am or thereabouts !  It will then be a week of getting down and dirty; I am really looking forward to a bit of graft, we will have to see how we feel next Sunday!  Tomorrow Elaine's brother will join us for a couple of days, so we will have an extra pair of hands!

Let's also hope that this fantastic spring sunshine continues for a week.

I am just off to have a quick drink at the club house - 

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