Monday, March 25, 2013

Serious Snow

Brother Russ and wife Tracy arrived yesterday. The plan was that they were going away on the boat for a few days whilst we stayed with Elaine's dad in Macclesfield.  The problem was that it was still blowing a gale and not really conducive to boating ... we were also getting battered on the mooring, so they stayed the night in a local hotel.

 In the afternoon we had a nice drink at Sutton Hall followed by dinner at The Rising Sun pub.
This morning I had to go to the quack and sort out some more drugs for my ever increasing blood pressure! (I thought boating was supposed to relax you!)

Russ and Tracy came to the boat mid morning so we decided to take a trip up the Pennines looking for some good snow and boy did we find some!

Nice little church ...

As you can see the snow was rather deep, as in about 6 feet ...

This is the main road to Buxton!

A fair bit of snow at Bugsworth Basin ... we had a swift one at the Navigation Inn

We were heading back to Macc the way we came but were stopped by a 4WD coming the other way way he said to us......"There are two snow ploughs coming down the road side by side and they are not well pleased to meet cars coming towards them"!  We chucked a u-ey and tried to find another way way back along the lanes.

We were blocked again by this drift!

We found another lane and met a snow plough coming towards us, so we pulled up to speak to him.  He opened his window down and said "Y'arite?"   We asked him if the road ahead was clear to Macclesfield, to which he responed "Y'ourite".  (See what he did there ?!)  We translated this to mean, "absolutely old chap not a problem".

It was a very nice little winding road through plenty of snow, no probs in a 4WD though.

Check out the icicles on this pub!

It was a really good day out ... they have now returned dahn sarf!

We will have to move tomorrow and get some water, but will still hang around here for my blood test and a few more family and friend commitments over the next few days !  It's all go :) 

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