Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stoned Again

Another very cold night last night, and another night with a bed full of furry creatures!

Up at first light this morning, 9.30am (Sun rises late up north tha knows) Heating on and a cuppa, no milk so I walked the dogs round to Aston Marina to get some, had a chat with Di, Andy and Jean whilst there.

As there was some ice on the canal we waited for a couple of boats to go past and break it, dont want to damage our new blacking do we? 

It was then a very short cruise up to Stone town centre, filling  with water before passing through the Star Lock.

Perfect mooring spot

We went for a walk to the Post Office to see if the fire glass had arrived yet....no was the answer, so we popped into Costas for a coffee.
We walked back to the boat via Stone chandlery to see if they had any stove glass...no again.

Back  to the good ship, I cleaned some water out of  the engine room whilst Elaine gave the interior of the boat a clean.

Another day done, Elaine is making some jewellery whilst I am doing bugger all....all good as usual!

PS. I got my first snotty comment yesterday.....not bad since we started blogging in March 2011, of course the big girl stayed anonymous. 


  1. What had you said in your last blog to upset someone I didn't read anything controversial.
    We went the other way and entered Rugely in a Blizzard boy was it cold.Good cruising Beryl & Dave
    Nb Sokai

    1. Called me a tosser for going past his boat too fast, I just gave it more power than normal to maintain steerage, still wasn't fast, GPS said 1.88 MPH !

  2. Believe it or not but your stove would pass a BSS!
    Damaged glass isn't covered. I wouldn't like to risk it though, better safe and cold than dead, hope the new one arrives soon.

    1. All good, hurricane central heating works very well.

  3. "Up at first light this morning, 9.30am (Sun rises late up north tha knows)" Strange that - it was sunny and bright at first light at 6:15 in Brid this morning!!! Bloody freezing tho' and sea was really rough. Not long to go now before we should be out on the cut, even if its only for a short while.

  4. 6.15am.....does such a time exist?