Saturday, March 30, 2013

Macc to Marple

Up at 'sparrows' this morning ... so thankful that the sparrows in Macclesfield don't get up until about 9.00am!

Off we went to the tip to get rid of the oil from yesterday's oil change, then down to to car wash to wash all the salt of the car before it went back into storage; I felt quite strange sitting in the car whilst lots of chaps cleaned the car - for only £6.00 - bargain! Next stop was Elaine's dad's house for a quick 'see ya later', then round to Brother Trev's house, where we covered up the car and left it until??

Our next stop was to Boots to pick up my drugs, then we trudged back up the hill back to the boat.

When we were 'ship-shape' we reversed the boat back to the marina, chucked a u-ey and headed off up the Macc canal.

Brother Trev ambushed at Hurdsfield to bid us a final farewell ... he was taking his moggie for a spin!

There were still some deep snow drifts lying around on the towpath.  It was a lovely sunny day but still a bit 'brass monkeys'.

A few shots of Bollington from the Aqueduct.... 

We really like Bollington - it is a really great little village, just the sort of place we could see ourselves living if we stayed in the UK.

Back into the sticks ...

Its a lovely canal, for sure.
The batteries on the camera went flat so that's that on the picture front!

After filling up with water at Marple we eventually found a decent-ish mooring spot ... we also found Dot and Gordon plus Ray and Toni ... so what to do ... go to the pub of course!
We were joined in the pub by Meagan and Peter,  Guess what?  Yep, another couple of Aussies from Manly!  We had a good night in the pub (Ring O'Bells) and a reasonably early night ... but then we have to put the clocks forward ... bugger, another 1.00 am bedtime!

By the way, our 'TCP' tasting (and smelling) water is back again ... the only thing we and think of is that it must be to do with the amount of chlorine in the water - still reacting with our new-ish hosepipe.  Maybe Marple water is highly chlorinated because we didn't have the TCP in Macc at all!  I guess tomorrow Elaine will be wanting to find a supermarket to get some bottled water again!  Very strange this water business!

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  1. Hi,
    Did you buy a food grade hose pipe? some of the others can make your water taste strange.