Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is it a Bear or a Dog?

We had a nice steady cruise through Milton Keynes today - a few wind gusts but nothing to worry about.

It is a very pleasant cruise through MK, lots of parklands and walking/cycle tracks, we have enjoyed the last couple of days walking the doggies.

Nice parkland next to the canal ...

Some nice housing estates as well ...
Will this happen in our lifetime?

Passing a not so nice housing estate ...

Our destination today ... The Plough at Simpson.

We had a late lunch in the pub with my mother and niece, Hayley.

The lady on the next table had the most fantastic dog with her - it was a Leonberger, never heard of them myself, but it seems they are a German dog, and are used amongst other things for water rescues! 

He was such a lovely gentle dog ...

Look at the size of his paws!

He weighed over 70kilos!

That is over 10 Sammies!

Forget the doggy poo bags, the owner had a JCB in the carpark!

We throughly recommend this pub - good food (mostly Italian), great service, nice vibe, nice toilets
... and Bear friendly!

My niece Hayley and her very nice VW GT ...

Once again, a prime mooring spot right outside the pub - you can see our boat at the top!
Had the weather been a bit warmer the garden would have been full.

In the early evening Sister, Lynne and my nephew, Liam turned up with their new dog, Marbles.

We will head out of MK tomorrow.   It has been good to catch up with family, no doubt when we get to London we will have lots of visits from some of Elaine's family, as they live well daan saaf!


  1. You might be interested in visiting Discover Dogs at Earls Court in November.
    We have been twice over the years and it is a great day out..if you like dogs and you two definitely qualify!!

    1. Have to put that one on the calender.

  2. Hi Paul and Elaine,
    What a gorgeous dog - Marbles that is - he/she looks just like our Tess in her younger days