Sunday, June 9, 2013

Poor Little Coot, Sorry Moorhen!

This morning I was faced with the question ... "Do you want to walk the dogs or hoover the boat"?  So I left Elaine hoovering away whilst I took the doggies for a good walk across the fields!  There were so many rabbits - I dared not let them off the lead - don't want to lose a dog again do we?!

After hoovering and dog walking was successfully accomplished we set off again ... once more a sunny day with no chance of rain.

I pulled over at Valley Cruisers to buy a couple of ice creams....they were shut...bugger!
This is the marina where we hired a boat back in 2011.

Moving on, we passed a solitary telegraph pole ...

We were soon into Nuneaton, lots of allotments next to the canal ...

Just as we were nearing the end of Nuneaton I spotted this poor little Moorhen on its own.  I could see mum and its brothers and sisters a bit further up the canal so I called Elaine up from her cleaning duties to give me a hand to rescue it.  I backed the boat up being careful not to suck the poor little bugger into the prop.  Elaine picked it up with the 'drowning-cat-rescue-net' ... she then gave it some sort of witchcraft to make it better.  (Reiki actually ...  used it on a lot of animals this week ! El x)  We finally released it next to mum and it seemed to swim after her ... we reckon he got separated and all the paddling to catch up tired him out.  Well, we tried.....

Onwards past the charity dock junk yard ...

It really is a bit of a strange place ...

Some nice canalside gardens at Bedworth ...
We moored up for the night at Hawkesbury Junction.  There were loads of mooring spots available, which was handy!

We took the dogs for a walk and had a drink at the Greyhound ... sitting outside with an eclectic mixture of people and their dogs!

Tomorrow we get sent to Coventry.


  1. Interesting to see you passing places we did a few weeks ago. It seems an eternity ago!
    Will you come down the Grand Union or take the Oxford?

    1. Going down the GU, we want to catch up with family and friends in the Milton Keynes area, we will go back up the Oxford.

  2. Don’t forget to have a meal at The Greyhound on your way back, the food is great…….just like the beer. Molly will not walk past it, so we have to go in…….bugger! George

    1. Hi Guys, we went there tonight for dinner and drinks...very nice.