Thursday, June 20, 2013

Onto Milton Keynes

We went for a walk up to Yardley Gobion village last night, some very nice houses there ...


I do like a nice thatch!

We lived on the Yardley Gobion marina for three weeks in April 2012; we couldn't wait to go back to The Coffee Pot pub and meet the old landlord who was such a character and made us feel so welcome during our first few weeks in the UK.   Sacre Bleu!  He had gone :-(    The dogs were still welcome but not on the carpet anymore, so we stood on a postage stamp sized bit of slate for a minute and then ended up sitting in the garden!

We had the normal slow start this morning until I heard the sound of an approaching whipper-snipper! Wooshka we were out of there - didn't want all that greenery all over the boat!

This is one of my favourite houses on the whole canal system, I think it is Isworth Farm. There is always a sky blue Ford Anglia parked in the yard ... (El here ... it never ceases to amaze me the things he notices ... shame he doesn't display the same observation skills inside the boat, ie, not noticing all his crap he leaves hanging around ... bloody Ford Anglia!)

Jaffa came up on deck on his own accord, which is the first time since owning the boat, he must be getting used to it!

The very much photographed Cosgrove bridge ...

T'other side ...

We popped into Tesco at Wolverton for a top up, but as usual we ended up emptying the store ... sorry inhabitants of Wolverton, it's Elaine's fault!  The phrase 'just buying a couple of things' isn't in her vocabulary.  (El here ... I have to tell him we are just going for a couple of things or otherwise I wouldn't get my little pack horse to come with me!)

I paid off the sherpas and thanked them for their help and then we were off again to our destination ... The Black Swan at Great Linford. We got a mooring right outside the pub, the only problem is it's a fasting day.  However, I thought I would still be able to 'swing it' and convince Elaine that we should just pop in for a swift half ... next problem was that the pub is shut because of a power cut...Bugger!

Ah well, nice cup of tea and a stick of celery it is ... yum.


  1. Elaine, you won't believe this but I just read the bit about the house with the Ford Anglia to Mick and much to my astonishment he said he knew the house and remembered the car too! Men!!!
    Elly xx