Friday, June 7, 2013

Rest Day In Polesworth

Not that we really need a rest day as I don't think you could get a more relaxed way of life as this boating lark. We just didn't fancy doing the Atherstone locks in the heat......never thought I would write that either!!

We had a leisurely late breakfast sharing it with one of the locals ...

We then went for a walk to the local tourist attraction....The Slag Heap!  They have done an amazing job in transforming the old slag heap into a country park, with lovely walks aplenty.
A monument sits atop the heap - haven't got a clue what the monument is about though!

Some nice views from the top ...

Under the M42 Motoway - at the top you can see 'council art', underneath we have graffiti!

We then went 'bush', where we spotted the roots of a rubber tree!

It was a really pretty walk but wasn't a very worn track - we didn't see any other walkers.

Lots of buttercups ... a sea of yellow!

Had a go at a close up ...

It was another hot day, so the dogs were their usual knackered, hot selves!

When we got back to the boat, Elaine sat on the towpath to read her book, and make a shamballa bracelet, whilst I scraped off some old varnish off the front of the cratch.  I also repainted some of battle damaged blacking on the port side, then.......replaced a cupboard catch, and resealed the shower tray....phew, too much work!  Finally, I joined Elaine on the towpath for a sit and a drink!

Tonight we went for a drink at 'The Indigo Lounge' - we had people jumping around in front of our with various air guitars!  Elaine said it reminded her of the scene in the star war film where they walked in the bar filled with different aliens!  They were very friendly young aliens, plus played some really good music on the jukebox.

We then got a takeaway from the Masterchef Bangladeshi Indian Takeaway, which was fantastic and highly recommended if you are around these parts. I do love a good Indian curry!

Tomorrow we will continue on our journey!

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