Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mr Ed Pays a Visit!

It was 12.30 am (ie, last night !) and I was just about to let the dogs out through the side hatch for their final wee of the night, when I saw movement just outside of the window.  The next minute Mr Ed stuck his very long nose through the side hatch!

I asked the normal questions ... why the long face etc?
Elaine gave him a few apples to eat.

He was very, very friendly ...

The dogs wern't amused though - they were going a bit nuts.

I heard a bit of banging around outside the boat this morning and when we got up we went and checked out the notices that had been nailed to stakes surrounding the horses ...

Elaine gave them a bit more grub this morning. I wonder who owns them .... they look in pretty good nick, and super friendly.  He was a bit too friendly actually ... he tried to eat the camera. 

(We actually saw the horses in another field on Sunday when we moored up - when we were approaching Hawkesbury Junction - so we think the owner must just move them about from spare field to spare field ?)

If Elaine could have she would have loaded them into the boat, to look after them - but as it was we had to bid them farewell ...

My camera has been playing up a bit the last couple of days so we didn't get too many pics on today's cruise - we actually only got one which was of NB Herbie and her crew!  We backed up and had a chat; it was good to meet you guys.

We have moored up for the night at Cathiron.


  1. I think someone told him that your boat was Noah's Ark! What a friendly fellow.

    1. Yep I thought Elaine was going to squeeze him in the cratch.

  2. Re your question on Chance's blog about the tidal Thames: I'm sure that if you asked about, someone with a VHF licence and radio would volunteer to accompany you on the trip. In fact, you'd probably be flattened in the rush!

    1. I hope so, I will put the feelers out as we near London

    2. Now there's a thought! I happen to hold a marine VHF radio operator's licence!:-) Now where's my link to the Virgin rail website!!!!

    3. If You fancy it Peter I will give you first refusal.

  3. Hi Paul and Elaine, it was great to meet you the other day. We saw those horses at Hawkesbury junction too though we didn't stop. Now I've finally got a wifi connection it's time to update our blog ....but someone's used our Coventry photos!
    Debby and Dave