Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meeting up with some Frogs

After an early morning walk down to Polesworth village with the doggies it was time to move on.

Just outside the village there was some sort of horsey thing going on.

A bit further on we came across this scene ... bloody huge balls rolling down a hillside! They were rather large balls, I presume there were people inside them?

Eeyore ...

Passed a very old boat outside a very old house ...

Geoffrey came up on deck for a fuss and to catch some rays ...

Bombo lying in the sun long can this lovely weather last?
(I know - ssshhhh - don't talk about it!)

So to the Atherstone flight of 11 locks, we let historic NB Perch overtake us just outside of Polesworth,  (We travel quite slowly!).  He returned the favour by cracking a bottom paddle of quite a few locks as he went up the flight, so we fair shot up it.  We did the usual trick of me jumping off once in the lock, leaving the boat in gear and giving Elaine a hand with the paddle gear and gates ... I rather enjoy it better than just standing by the tiller.

Not the best shot, but on the left there was a fishing comp going on, as it was another warm day.  I just wonder what it takes to make these guys smile???  Answers on the back of a postage stamp please!

Last lock of the day, with the bonus of a volunteer lock keeper to help ...

Shes a gonner ...

Just before Hartshill yard we spotted NB Swamp Frogs moored up ... Robbie and Suzie were on the stern having a chat with a couple of kiwis.  We stopped and had a quick chat, resulting with them jumping on board our boat whilst we travelled a bit further down the canal to moor outside The Anchor Inn.  We went in the pub for a few beers, we had a really good chat and laugh about everything boaty and more but we did feel sorry for them when we left the pub, they had a fair hike back to their boat.  A great night guys, safe travels.

Also in the pub we met Debbie and Dave from NB Chuffed, who we had a brief chat with before they had to get back to their dog on the boat.

By the time we got back to the boat, walked the dogs and had a late dinner it was suddenly 10 pm ... another full day !!


  1. Was a great way to end the day, spontaneous visits to the pub are always the best.......The walk back was fine (apart from the smelly bit)

    Take Care......maybe catch up in the never know!!

    1. Yep it was a good catch up, see ya later.