Sunday, June 16, 2013

Onto Weedon Bec

There weren't a lot of boats moving this morning when we left Braunston, we even managed to wash one side of the boat on the water-point!

It was also the start of the double locks for the foreseeable future ... we much prefer the single locks and 'do your own thing' scenario.

We sent off into the first lock on our own, but we did notice a boat coming along the Braunston straight once we started rising in the lock.

We waited for them at the next lock, then had a long wait whilst the C&RT guys filled the pounds as they were a bit low.  We sat in the lock by the Admiral Nelson for ages before they let us move on  ... should have popped in for a swift one, well worth a look when you are in these parts.

When we left the top lock the queue to go down stretched back to tunnel ...

Into the tunnel we went.  It is nice to go into a wide tunnel for a change, we only met one boat coming the other way.

We were soon at Norton Junction.

Only 89 1/4 miles to London....woohoo

We shared the Buckby Lock Flight with a hire boat, nice bunch of people onboard ...

We stopped for the night by Whilton Marina.  Elaine started cutting up her soap whilst I touched up a bit more battle damage.  But ... 'Houston we had a problem'.  We couldn't get a decent satellite fix!  There is a French programme we have been watching called 'The Returned' - usual sort of thing people returning from the dead etc... We moved on and ended up at Weedon Bec; it was a real lovely cruise, so we cracked open some champers and had a few beers, the reason being ... 'cos we can I suppose :)

So .... we watched the programme, but I am still trying understand what its all about ... and now feel very tired.

Night All xx


  1. Jill, Matilda RoseJune 17, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    You timed that well then and managed to miss us - we left Weedon Bec on Tuesday.
    Glad we're not the only ones that watch, but don't really understand, 'The Returned'. We slept through most of this week's episode; exhausted from trying to listen to the French AND read the sub-titles!