Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stay Put Day

We were going to move on a bit further today, but Elaine felt a bit crook so we just stayed put. I  was going to take a trip into the MK to buy a new camera, as the old one has been playing up a bit and we don't want miss out on any pics as we cruise under Tower Bridge do we. But wouldn't you know it the camera has been performing faultlessly today!
Whilst Elaine has been making me another bracelet!!! I have taken the dogs on a couple of good walks around Great Linford, its a most impressive part of Milton Keynes.
We are moored close to the water point and I have been waiting to move closer to get some water but a couple of inconsiderate twats on two wide beams have left them there, locked the doors and pissed off for the day. I would moor alongside them but then I would totally block the canal, us narrowboat owners would never do such a thing would we :-)  

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