Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We made a bad choice for a mooring last night - it was lovely and quiet, but I didn't notice the trees shedding confetti all over the boat!  It was snowing quite hard with it all this morning!

Elaine cleaned all the petals out of the gutter, although it was quite windy so that blew most of them into the water.

The water was covered in the stuff ... we went past a poor chap trying to paint his boat in the blizzard of petals!

We stopped at the Rugby Tesco, where we got a good mooring right next to the alley leading to Tescos.  It was a good job really as we had a big shop to do including 6 large bags of kitty litter (ie, 60 kilos!) .... the sack barrow was a good buy!

With all the shopping packed away and after having our newly purchased lunchtime treats (pork pies for me and sushi for Elaine!) ... off we went, heading towards Braunston.  Elaine walked the dogs to Hilmorton.....

Some big old boys here...

On the outskirts of Rugby we bumped into Al and Del of Derwent 6 - we had a quick chat with Al as she was off to catch a train....

Also had a chat with Del....

......who wasn't polishing the brasses!
Look at the reflection of Caxton......  

......Derwent 6 is a very, very shiny boat.

Approaching Hillmorton locks, they had volunteer lock keepers on the first lock.  We went up in tandem with Mr Grumpy Bastard ... he was most upset that one of the VOLUNTEERS had accidentally left a paddle up!

Fool foal on the hill.

We pulled over at Barby for the night.  It is a non fast day so the beer is out, the wine is out and good food is being consumed rather than a stick of bloody celery.....

We also have a tv reception so Elaine can catch up on Home and Away!
A Happy Wife = A Happy Life !

Life is Good!

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  1. We have shedding confetti, but unfortunately ours is sticking to the roof as we moored under a sticky lime tree yesterday!

    So I have had to wash it all off this evening!

    Hope you are both ok!