Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's A New Camera!

The old Lumix G2 camera has been playing up lately, as in just won't start up instantly but does eventually - by which time my photographic opportunity has passed !  I threatened to bin it in Milton Keynes so what did it do?  Yes, it worked perfectly, that is until we were well outside MK!  Luckily my niece, Kimberley stayed on the boat overnight and she offered to drive me in to buy a new camera this morning.  I wanted to buy a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40  ... a couple of the bloggers use it and seem to get good results - it has got a good 20x optical zoom, and with the old camera I had to change the lens. Long story very short I bought the last one available in MK!

So back to today, with a few random shots - playing with the zoom!

A duck.  He was swimming in the Serpentine, and we were at Leighton Buzzard, not bad eh!

Had to stop at Tesco Leighton Buzzard. Look how close we were...the shopping trolley's wheels locked just past the goodbye sign.

More kitty litter being loaded aboard ...

Not sure what this handsome beast was.  I managed to lop his head off - I did like the viewfinder on the old camera - it is a bit hard to see the screen on this new one when the sun is out!

These two swans were in the full lock ... we had to lock them down and then they waited patiently for Elaine to open the gate for them!

A Fullers pub, a sign we are getting closer to London.

Duck came along for a ride ...

Elaine couldn't jump the gap, this kind chap from the lock cottage shut the gate for her.
(El here ... I have to say that the gap looks nothing here but I had shut the far gate and the other one started to open itself up ... so it was actually quite wide and the gate was still opening itself, so I am not such a woos as he would have you believe !)

A rare shot of Bombo smiling ...
We moored for the night at Slapton (Great Name).  We met up with Richard and Yulia who we met last week on a hire boat, as they live nearby. We went up to The Carpenters Arms in the village for a few drinks and dinner.  Really good night in a good old English pub.  It never ceases to amaze me that most of the locals come in for a drink after 10 pm ... it just doesnt happen back in Oz (in our age group) they are all in bed by then!

Happy with the new camera so far ... just got to learn to drive it proper-like.  Oh and it seems so small!


  1. Good Camera!!

    Brilliant shots., I can tell you are pleased with it.

    That's a Muscovy Duck that white one. I cant recall seeing them on the GU where you are but in Ely on the Gt Ouse they are abundant.

    Also there is a Muscovy Duck asbo on the K&A at Sells Green, I know that because it bit me!

    1. He was shopping at Tesco on the GU at Leighton Buzzard

  2. Hi folks
    The duck is a Muscovy.
    And, the TZ40 is the new compact I have my eye on, why did you choose it and did you look at other brands/models?

    1. Hi Lesley, Carol from Rock n Roll uses one, her shots are terrific, although she is obviously a better photographer than me. I have a Panasonic at the moment so the controls would be similar, the nerdy mags seemed to like it, the thing I do miss is a viewfinder, but I will get used to it. Didn't look at any others.
      Paul x

    2. Lesley,
      I researched several cameras when looking to buy my TZ10 a while back. These little TZ compacts stand head and shoulders above the others when it comes to picture quality and the zoom is to die for. Its probably one of the few compact automatic cameras that let you revert to full manual mode if you feel the nerd urge. :-)

  3. Yon beastie is a Muscovy Duck, so called because they come from South America. No, we don't understand it either.

  4. Hi Paul,
    I use a TZ10 that is similar to yours and am really happy with it. Takes a while to get used to all the features but one can see from your photos that the new camera is a good investment! Some great photos.

  5. Still following, good Bombo shot:-)