Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sleepy Strawberries!

Well, it was windy and wet today with the occasional bit of sunshine, but 'no worries' as we didn't intend moving anyway.

We took a walk up to the village fete ... where they announced that the "next two dogs to get to the hot dog stand would get a sausage each" --- we were there in a flash and Bombo and
Sam amused the crowd with their sausage eating prowess !

... and then Elaine bought me a necklace to go with my bracelet that she made me!!

It was a very small very English village fete - not too much going on but very quaint ...

Afterwards we went back to the boat and scoffed some very yummy fresh strawberries and cream, purchased at the aforementioned village fete, ... we said later that they must have been drugged because we both fell asleep for two hours after eating them!

Upon waking from our strawberry-induced-comas we took a walk up to the Admiral Nelson pub (with the dogs) ... which was considerably busier than the last time we were there last year (when there was only 3 of us and the barmaid there).  After I had ordered our drinks one of the (very attractive) barmaids asked me, "have you been seen to?"  I did say I had ('been seen to') but Frankie Howard did pop into my head momentarily with a "ooh err missus ..."!!!

After our trip to the pub we went back to the boat for a yummy dinner and watched a crap film on the tele ... !

Tomorrow we will continue our journey !

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