Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Probs To Polesworth

After yesterday's adventures we were hoping for a quieter day. We were up quite early considering we had a few post-trauma drinks last night.  Elaine took off up the towpath with the doggies whist I prepared to set sail.

I still can't imagine what it would have been like if we had lost our little soldier and had to leave without him!

What we didn't mention yesterday was that where Sammy did his disappearing trick was right next to the West Coast mainline and the trains running through here are running at the max 125mph.  It is a very busy line, I was starting to think that maybe Sammy had chased the rabbit onto the tracks ... then the trains started to go past very slowly with a couple of them blowing their horns ... you can imagine what I was thinking ... Elaine had the same thoughts. Also a big thank you to the lady from the farm, when I told her that we had lost our dog on her land she straight away grabbed her Airedale Terrier and came with me to try and find him!

Back to boating ... we passed this interesting looking boat at Whittington, it was called 'Sheerness' and had an icebreaker bow on her.
I thought I would take a few pics of the canal side houses as we cruised through Whittington.  It is one village where the majority of the house owners seem to look after their gardens, I was hoping to take some pics of some neglected ones also,  but there weren't any.

A few of these gnomes had apparently been shot at by kids with rocks recently ... so they were down on numbers !

Elaine dropped Bombo back on the boat as he was struggling with the walk after his 6ft fall through the hatch yesterday, he was most put out that Elaine carried on walking with Sam ...

Back to the canalside houses ...

Cruising through Hopwas Woods - lovely spot where, if you are lucky, you will see naked witches running around.  You will have to be lucky because the last ones were spotted arrested in 1984!  

Another nice canalside house ...

We passed (6.00 am start, Braidbar-Braidbar-Braidbar) Bruce and Sheila's 'Sanity Again'. No sign of life on board ... I did spot 'The Independen't on the table though, perhaps he was having his preprandial doze :-)

Stopped at Fazeley to empty the nasties, dump the rubbish and fill with water.
Then it was southwards towards Coventry on the Coventry Canal.

Passed over the River Tame.  How about the weather.....started off a bit chilly, but by lunchtime it was fab and warm ...

Too hot for the dogs to be on the roof, so they crashed in the cockpit ...

First lock of the day was at Glascote, where we witnessed some very selfish behaviour by a couple of boats. The boat on the right had just come out of the lock - they tied it up in the lock entrance whilst other members of their group shut the gates behind it and re-set the lock for their mate's boat following.  The chap on the green boat, who should have gone next, was fuming - apparently the two boats wanted to travel together....poor little possums. 

We pulled up for the night at Polesworth where there is an excellent Indian restaurant, but we can't go there because it is a fast day....bugger bugger bugger, oh and no booze....lots more buggers.

Another wonderful day and as the title says 'No probs' as we didn't lose or maim any animals in the making of this blog!  

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