Friday, June 21, 2013

Service Day

Last night's view through the side hatch - can you get much closer to a pub?  Such a pity it was fast day!

This morning my lovely niece, Kimberley, cycled out to visit us.

 Sammy loves Kimberley - he gives her the eye...

...looks away, then....

...attacks with the tongue straight up the nostrils, he is amazingly accurate!

We chucked Kimmy's bike up on the roof and cruised to Giffard Park, in order to be a bit closer to her house.  We then walked back to her house and she kindly gave us a lift in her car to Halfords to get some engine oil.

Back onboard it was time for the 250 hour service, which comprised of ... checking and adjusting all the drive belts, checking for water and bug in the fuel (none) and change the fuel filter anyway.  I also changed the engine oil and filter and changed the gearbox oil. 

In the evening we went to the local pub with my two sisters, mother, nephew and sister's boyfriend.  All in all it was a good family day, which, after all, is one of the reasons we have come back to the UK!
Back to the boat tonight to see if the Real Estate in Aus has responded to us ... ah, the waiting game :)


  1. We moored here two nights in May. LJ had haircut over the bridge and we had two lunches at the pub - dog welcome!