Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Karma Day

Up and refreshed after a good night's sleep at Lower Heyford.  A few freight trains whizz pass in the night and make the boat shake but I quite like it!

First stop, Oxfordshire Narrowboats as we were quite low on fuel.  The nice lady said it was a 60/40 split only.  I told her I would be buying a lot of fuel but she didn't care ... take it or leave it was the attitude!  So we left ... hoping not to run out of fuel and have to return with a jerry can and a slice of humble pie!

Bombo had fallen down the stairs last night (well, more like hung himself on the end of his lead while he leapt down the stairs) so he was feeling a bit sorry for himself this morning.  Sammie decided to take advantage of the situation and nicked the prime position.

Cow flyover ...

We were about a mile from Somerton Deep Lock when a boat pulled out in front of us causing a C&RT tug and barge to nearly hit us then run aground ... he was obviously in a hurry to beat us to the lock.

Never mind, we slowed down then spied a heap of blackberries on the offside bank where the great unwashed couldn't reach them. 

We picked a fair few of them for another crumble ... we still have loads of Damsons left.

So as we reached Somerton Deep Lock (about 30 mins) later there was the offending boat drifting across on the other side of the canal!

The centre line dangling uselessly amidships ...

We let him suffer a little bit longer then picked him up and dropped him back on his boat ... Karma!

He was very thankful - and very embarassed.

We helped him up through the lock and then it was our turn to go into the Somerton Deep Lock, which at 12ft is one of the deepest on the system

I have been jumping off on all the locks to give Elaine a hand.  It's a bit strange looking at our little house sitting down there on its own.

All locked in ...

And up she comes ...

 We have never had any dramas at any locks, but later in the day we I got the boat jammed in Aynho weir lock!  I wondered why the prop started to come out of the water, I got the bow button jammed under the gate because I wasn't paying attention, and the rise of the lock 1.00 ft !!  We emptied the lock and all was OK.

Talking of Aynho, look who was sitting on the bench enjoying yet another gloriously warm summer's day ..
Del and Al from Derwent 6

They were filling up their Olympic swimming pool size water tank, so we had a good old natter while hat was happening.  They then pulled off, so we pulled in to fill with fuel and water. 

What different customer service to Oxfordshire narrowboats ... they will do any declaration you want plus as we put in just under 200 litres she let us use the elsan for free PLUS no charge for the two u-beaut Magnum ice creams!

On the move again, Elaine found this colourful  beast whilst sorting the weeds plants on the roof.

Arty shot as we entered Neil Bridge Lock ...

And so to tonight's mooring, on the outskirts of Banbury.  It was really nice to stop and have a couple of cold ones! 

I still keep pinching myself over this weather, today was so warm - bordering on hot.

I checked the fuel consumption after filling up - we are averaging 1.54 litres per hour, which I thought was pretty good as we are in hurry up mode.

Also for the first time in 18 months we are in the red :-(   This is mainly down to the interest rate in Oz dropping plus the OZ/UK exchange rate changing the wrong way, and it doesn't look like it will get any better any time soon.  Never mind, no point in cutting back now, this is once in a lifetime adventure plus we can always go back to work....nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo!


  1. "work" !!! Please, no swearing on your blog !!!

  2. Gosh you are getting a wiggle on!

    The pics of Somerton Deep turned my tummy tonight, such angles on that lock should not be allowed! ;-)

    I wondered if perhaps you had not spotted my diesel split page here..


    I did check and saw that Oxfordshire Narrowboats at Hayford are a no, no on the list, so I guess you don't know about the page.

    Don't forget too to let me know about splits that are not on there, it helps to build a good list for us all.

    Great to meet up with Del and Al, seems ages since we saw them last too!

  3. Hi Paul and Elaine - we were moored above Osney lock too and didn't go in the Punter cos we didn't fancy the menu when we checked it out earlier so we went into Oxford for the evening - shame or we would have seen you! We didn't notice you were there till we were on our way before 9 - no-one around so we guess you were still in bed then! all the best
    Debby and Dave