Friday, September 6, 2013


The weatherman was spot on, rain overnight, drizzling this morning and a high of 18 today compared with 28 yesterday. As a result of this we spotted our first smoke of the season.

We had great plans to get away early but the crappy weather put paid to that, it was much nicer in bed, plus Elaine has been feeling like crap for the last few days so it ended up being a 10.00am start.

We filled with water and emptied the nasties in Banbury, then it was full steam ahead.

Straight through Croperdy which is a shame as it is a nice village to have a look around, plus a very nice pub.

There were a few boats in the new Croperdy marina plus a lot of workmen beavering away.

Bombo patiently waiting to leave a lock 

This place was for sale at Claydon top lock...

It was a lovely looking converted barn/workshop, when we finished for the day I checked it out on the net, the price was right £325,000, but no road access, closest road was 1/4 mile down the towpath and no mains electricity, generator power only, bit too hard methinks.

We finished up about two miles past Fenny Compton, and as you can see the sun was out.

I did a lot of the trip single handed to save Elaine getting out of the boat, but she wont stay put and always wants to give me a hand.
We got a real good satellite signal for the footie tonight, except we were surrounded by heaps of wasps, bugger it I wasn't moving now so we sealed up all the doors and windows and hoped for the best.

The shower sump packed up as well, I cleaned the valves out and it now works again, but I have a new spare pump so I will fit that when we get to Aston Marina.

I had a look at the stats for today's trip, we were fair smokin along 15 miles, 14 locks in just over eight hours.


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