Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To Macc and Bacc Part 2

We are still moored up in Nuneaton as Elaine had another appointment up in Macclesfield.

One again we hired  car from Enterprise, this one was brand new with 28 miles on the clock!

Bombo trying on some Crocs....

It was actually a key ring!

Just down the road from Elaine's dads place there is a small pet shop, we took the dogs in there where we let them have a sniff and chose their favourite chew, dried pigs ears, snouts etc. They went mental over these things that looked like dried ligaments, we bought a few of them, as we was leaving I asked what they were....dried bulls penis!!!!

Tomorrow we will try and get ever closer to Aston marina as we may have to go back to Macc again this week.


  1. That would be ex bulls then

  2. Deb had a hospital appointment yesterday in Reading, enterprise couldn't get us a car early enough so we had to take a van :-)

    Are enterprise OK with the dogs?

    1. I never tell them go on my own then return to the boat to pick up El and the dogs, we also cover the back seats with an old sheet so no dog hairs are left in the car, pretty sure they would be no dogs!