Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer is Back

Recently we have had pics of the dogs on the blog - well, lots of the dogs plus a few of the cats, but last night we got a mixed photo when William went to sleep on top of Sammie!  That was a first ... Sam did grumble a bit but soon went back to sleep when William didn't budge.

What a day it was weather wise today - just glorious.  The shorts were back on, although underneath the overalls at first.

To start the day we went for a short cruise ... as in out of the berth, turn round and back in so I could paint the port gunnel.

We then went for a quick drive to B&Q at Stafford to buy some more paint trays and rollers.  On the way we passed the Staffordshire Showgrounds where we noticed heaps of caravans all parked up ... we drove in to see what was going on, plus to see if there were any motorhomes to see if we could pick up some ideas.  There were hardly any motorhomes - it was nearly all caravans plus the people were all very old ... there was even a ambulance in the driveway taking  one of them away.  We were intercepted by a couple of old boys, enquiring as to why we were driving round checking out the caravans but once we told them what we were doing they were fine and went to great lengths to explain all the pros and cons of caravans vs motorhomes.  The reason why the participants were elderly was because it was the 'Retired Caravaners Association AGM'.  Probably explains why the huge Tena truck was parked outside also.

Back at the boat I started painting the port gunnel whilst Elaine polished the mushroom vents plus the houdini hatches ...

They came up like new, after a bit of elbow grease and 'solvol autosol' ...

Quite a few people on the marina came by admiring the extended cratch, which is looking a bit naked while the cover is away being fixed up ...

Elaine and her mate finished off the day ...

....crashed out in the sun, it was still 24 at 18.30!

We went up to the Three Crowns pub for Sunday dinner and a drink and very nice it was too.
We will take a break from the boat tomorrow and go for a good walk with the doggies.

Nearly forgot ... we now have a resident dog whisperer on the marina.  Every poor bugger that takes their dog for a walk on the mound between the marina and the canal is pounced on by The Cesar Milan of Aston Marina ... be afraid Roly, be afraid!


  1. Try Brownhills at Newark.
    When we go past on the A1 there are hundreds on view.

    1. We will have a look over there when w are ready to buy,

  2. I bet you'll miss Elaine polishing your mushroom when you're living in a motorhome. ;-)