Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling Back Into Marina Life

It's actually quite a nice feeling being back in the marina.  There is an unoccupied boat next to us one side, and a double empty berth the other side, so that's good.  We are hooked up to shore power so the washing machine and drier having been running virtually non stop.

We took a drive to Stoke this morning to fill the gas bottles, which is very cheap at GT Gas.  On the way back we went for a shop at Aldi.....see how exciting it is in a marina!  Also bought the little green light that goes in the instrument panel (not from Aldi ... from Stone Chandlery!) - cost us a whopping £2.00!

Once back at the  boat Elaine put all the shopping away and started on a mass juicing and soup making whilst I started to clean up the boat, as it is pretty disgusting ... on the outside.  After a few hours she was looking pretty good, haven't even polished it yet.  The boat next to us is brand new, yet I reckon ours has got a much better paint job and she is nearly five years old!

Whilst admiring our shiny boat a chap came past and introduced himself, it was Andy and his wife Sue from NB Festina Lente, who are moored a few boats up from us, and are wintering in the marina. I can feel a few beers coming on!!  We have been in contact with a lot of last year's winter crowd, and it looks like they are all coming back ... I can feel a lot of beers coming on!

I also bled one of the radiators as it wasn't getting as hot as the others - you can fry an egg on it now! How do they get air in them, there are no leaks?

We are off to Macc again tomorrow as Elaine has a couple of more appointments at the hospital.  I will have to take the C3 to the Dr as well, the exhaust is about to drop off!

No pics today so I will put on a couple of the absolute highlight of out travels aboard Caxton......

Through the centre of London in your own boat......Magic!

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