Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Change of Plans Yet Again!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are having to change our future plans again. We will know more next week, but it looks like we could be in the marina for a few months after all ... once we are all sorted then hopefully we will then sell the boat and carry on with our original plans.

Aston marina is a very nice marina and as a big bonus I think all the people we got to know last winter will be back again this year, so we will be surrounded by our  boaty "family" again.

The M6 motorway is virtually next door so it provides easy access to major cities and there is a railway station at Stone, which is very handy.

Elaine has had a few appointments recently and all I will say is that the NHS has been the most fantastic organisation to deal with and, to be honest, from what we had heard and read we weren't too optimistic ... they have been fantastic!

So another few months ... I better start thinking of things to blog about...oh yes, they are cutting the grass on the marina!


  1. Looking forward to the Monday 'tea' parties and the odd 'Spoons curry! xx

  2. Also looking forward to Seville Orange season - we've run out of marmalade!!

  3. Hope all is ok with Elaine, enjoy your extra time on board :-)