Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Secret Lake

We didn't get up to much yesterday in the daytime - the weather was a bit unenchanting so we just spent time catching up on emails, paying bills, tranfering money from Oz ... all exciting stuff.

Diane from NB Ferndale rang in the daytime to ask if we wanted to join them for dinner at The Dog and Doublet at Sandon ... so there went the 'no drink' day down the gurgler!

It's only a couple of miles from the marina so we drove down there, spotting this low flying balloon on the way.

We havn't seen Ray and Diane since June, so we had a good catch up and a very nice dinner.  We were sitting in the lounge later having another drink when things went a little pear shaped!  When we sat down Ray moved his chair back a little so he could sit properly, (he is a big lad and there was not very much room in the corner).  A chap came back from the bar after getting another drink, and was a little peturbed that Ray had moved back a bit even though this chap was on his own and had the choice of four chairs to sit on!  He was being awkward and muttered a bit under his breath about the chair being moved etc. We ignored him and carried on chatting away for another hour or so, and having a nice little time. Then this chap decides to leave, he stands over the four of us (he was a big lad too) and shouted something like, "I'm going now so you can push your chair back as far as you like, and you havn't got the decency to F%$*ing  apologise".   He then carried on like a pork chop.  We sat there for a couple of minutes just saying good night etc, but he wouldn't stop or go.  I stood up to him and told him to piss off and stop trying to ruin our night ... we had a bit of a barney and he finally went!  He was staying there at the hotel so I don't know if he had too many sherbets or what, I have never been a violent person, but I really wanted to snot him!  I should also state the The Dog and Doublet is a bit of a flash pub, so it was a bit unusual to have a problem in it.  We had a good night anyway!

Ray and Diane returned to the marina today, so I'm sure we will be having a few more outings.

Whenever we drive to Macclesfield we go the back way via Leek, and we always pass a very picturesque lake, so today we decided to go and check it out.

It is called Rudyard lake ... it was built over 200 years ago to supply water to the Caldon Canal.  How about that, there was a canal link!  It became a tourist attraction in the 1800s and a couple of the visitors were so impressed with it they named their son after it ... he DID NOT make exceedingly good cakes, but wrote many a story about India!

It is a lovely place to visit - it is a bit of a miniature lake district, but unlike the lake district it doesnt rain all the time.  As you can see from the pics it was once again another warm day ... the shorts were out!

The water levels are way down as they are doing some maintenance to the dam wall.

There were some lovely waterside houses and boat sheds dotted around the shore ...

You can see where the water level should normally be ...

The dogs enjoyed a paddle ...

There were a few pebbles on the beach!

A narrow gauge steam train runs alongside the lake on one side ...

It runs along the cutting where the Manchester to Uttoxeter railway used to run.  In its heyday the railway would drop off 20,000 day trippers in one day! Today there were about 30 people.

On the way back to the boat we got stuck behind this truck, it was like being back in rural Australia ...

Once back at the boat I sanded down the cratch getting it ready for some varnish, whilst Elaine did some mega cook ups to last us (and the animals) for the next few days.

The 'dog whisperer' was in action on the hill today, but on talking to a couple on our arm with two very large dogs, they reckon he is pretty good ... perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt!

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