Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tarting Up

No plans today so we thought we would start giving the boat a good clean up after our summer cruising but before that here a couple of pics of the cats in their daily positions.  Here is 23 year old Geoffrey squashing his young 20 year old mate, William.  William never seems to mind - we think it keeps him warm!

Jaffa blends into his rug ... we are not sure how old he is, but we picked him up as a stray about 12 years ago.

So today Elaine cleaned out more cupboards, cleaned and polished all the woodwork and floor ... plus retreived various animals when they escaped via various exits!

I touched up the blacking on the stbd side plus repainted the stbd took all day.

At about 17.00 we started to walk to Stone with the dogs - where we thought we might stop for a little refreshment at the Swan before walking back.  We got about half way there and decided it was too nice to sit in the pub ... I forgot to mention earlier that it was a very warm summer-like day. We did a u-ey and headed back to the marina and had a drink in the sun on the marina deck.

Very nice it was too ...

Two pints of fancy beer for two un-fancy people ...

Can you send me over another couple of grand, I need to get another round in!

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