Monday, September 2, 2013

Full Steam Ahead Weekend!


This weekend has been such a whirl I don't know whether I'm Arthur or Martha.

So Saturday we left Pangbourne in glorious (still) summer weather, passing a very nice barge that would suite Ray And Diane very well for their European adventure!

Further along we passed a steam launch. they were all so very well dressed...a bit like ourselves.

Just look at this river, it is absolutely fantastic.  I had no idea that the Thames was such a lovely and easy waterway to cruise on, I reckon I could spend months on here.

Every blogger takes a pic of this amazing... room jutting out over the Thames, but what they don't mention is that it is furnished with cheap crappy plastic furniture!

This is the main house, probably full of bloody Ikea.

The lockie was on his smoko so we had to press the buttons ourselves.

Amazing boat shed ...

Under Wallingford bridge? Can't quite remember now!

Past another very very nice house.

We picked up a bird.

Dog tired ...

Elaine having a steer ...

Last lock of the day was Days Lock, where we tied up alongside NB No Problem and NB Matilda Rose, who were moored up there for the weekend. It was the first time that we have moored up next to another boat.

We had a great night, 6 adults, 8 dogs and 4 cats!

We had a barbie, (another first for us) followed by a night of chat by a very smoky fire. Graham got his banjo thingy out but how many times can you sing Smoke gets in your eyes!!    Great night, all the humans and animals got on with each other very well.  Sue now knows who the nutter 'Paul' is that keeps commenting about her engine.....its ME!


We left at the respectful early hour of 10.00am and straight away were into a drag race with another narrow boat, so we let him win.  As you can see, Bombo was enthralled!

It doesn't look too bad but this was a bit of a turbulent lock, I had to use two hands to hold the rope! 

I moved over for the big fella ...

Into Abingdon, which was another first!  What a lovely place, we got a really good mooring so we went for a little walk around for an hour or so, we really wish we had more time to check these places out.... time!  Just look at it, mind blowing!

View from the side hatch ... picture postcard!

Onwards towards Oxford we motored, it was quite magical on a virtually empty river except for Hammy, Roderick and GP! 

We pulled up in Oxford  just passed Osney Lock, right outside a pub, how handy is that?  There is the good ship right outside the window ...

Ray and Leonie from NB Firefly NZ were moored up not too far away so came to join us for Sunday dinner and a few drinks in the pub, so yet another late night ... can't complain, no work tomorrow is there!

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  1. Isn't the Thames fantastic cruising! We loved it too and wished we had longer. Elly x

  2. I had my 60th birthday party in that pub!! We will be on Thames on Wenesday up to Teddington. Have been on twice before in filthy weather so hoping for another 2 weeks of sunshine!!! We deserve it!!

    1. Fingers crossed for you, its fantastic at the mo.

  3. We loved the Thames, thought you guys would too.