Monday, September 9, 2013

The Shorts are Stashed Away

Yes my friends, summer has gone ... the shorts were stashed away and today it was on with the jeans and the full wet weather gear.

We hadn't been going long when we caught up with a rather slow boat....not again I thought, but no, he moved to one side and waved us past, just like it should be done.

We approached Hawkesbury Junction for our one lock of the day.

Into the lock we went whilst the C@RT guys tightened up some loose fittings.

For the first time ever we got round the turn in one go, with no assistance from the bow thruster. 

Didn't even stop at the Greyhound!

And on we went 'till we pulled up for the day at Nuneaton.

I took the dogs for a walk to check out the town....

It made my home town Luton look quite nice...

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