Friday, September 13, 2013

One more lock 'til home!

Well, there were no after effects from last night's Kebab, so we were off by 9.00 am in pretty good weather.

I had to back the boat up when I spotted this in a garden, I thought it was a fake at first...

....but it was real alright!  I don't know much about dicky birds, so I will go with a falcon?

Very handsome bird ...

The next door neighbours had a spotty dog ...

Elaine walked the dogs along the towpath for a few miles ...

Before jumping back onboard the bus at bridge 65 ...

On the outskirts we passed NB Swamp Frogs going in the opposite direction ... we had a quick chat, pity it was a bit early for a drink!

Bombo watching his boat come into the lock ...

Talking of birds, check out the front of this Springer ...

We could have made it back to the marina today, but we decided to stop at Sandon so that we could go to the 'Dog and Doublet' for our last night on the cut.

We pulled up before the lock, so it would only be a small walk to the pub.  By now it was pissing down so I thought I had better ring and book a table - we didn't want to get wet for nothing!  Bugger me, they were full, so it looks like a spag on board instead!  It was not quite the way we wanted to finish the trip, never mind I'm sure will have a few night out in Stone.

So, tomorrow it's just the one lock at Sandon then it is a short run to Aston Marina - our home!  I think we call it 'home' because of the security factor it offers, as in power, water and security.

We will then catch a train to Macclesfield and pick up the car.

We certainly won't be idle in the marina - the boat needs a very good clean up as it hasn't been done properly since before London!

It really started to sink in today that this is our last big cruise on Caxton.  Once we get Elaine sorted we will sell the boat and move on to our next adventure, which will be the purchase of a motorhome and have a look around Europe plus the rest of the UK and Scotland.

We will make up an ad for Caxton soon - it would be nice to sell her to a blog reader, as I bought her from Joe and Lesley.

I think I will carry on blogging as I am still enjoying it, - I just love seeing the funny side of the everyday situations that we see, plus we have made some really good friends through it.

We will also do a blog on our favourite and not-so-favourite bits of the last 20 month adventure, but I can assure you the crap bits will fit on a postage stamp!

Got to go and make a spag!!


  1. I do hope you keep blogging because I for starters, would surely miss it.

  2. ditto i hope there isnt anything seriously wrong with Elaine and please keep blogging i for one check in every night before bed to see what you have been up to

  3. I've only recently found your blog so it's a shame your waterway travels are nearly over. I really enjoy your style of writing and hope you keep blogging when you move on to other ventures. I hope Elaine gets sorted soon.

    Cheers and thanks