Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back On Board

We are now back on board the good ship after our two days in Macclesfield ... as soon as we got close to the marina, the sun came out....its a sign!

Whilst in Macc we had the rear muffler replaced on the C3, parts and labour £68.00 not bad methinks.

The insurance is also about to expire...what a bloody nightmare trying to sort through the quotes!  The Australian system is so simple, the car is insured for x amount, anyone can drive it, but the excess will change if a young or less experienced driver smashes it.  "Simples" as some rat-like creature says!

Our C3 having the exhaust replaced

The dogs loved being in the house ... they ran around chasing each other up and down the stairs!

Once back on board, I fitted the new fire bricks to the stove.  I will also give it a repaint before firing it up for the first time this season.  We feel it's not quite cool enough for it at the mo, so we just run the hurricane for an hour or so and the boat is toasty.

We also removed the cratch cover when we got back, as it has a buggered zip.  We have just got to find someone local to repair it now!

Elaine has been busy sorting out the cratch as we are going to give it all a repaint, when we look like getting a decent run of dry weather.

We also printed off some free tickets to A Place in The Sun  show at the NEC  ... we will go there Friday week to check it out.  It's another option we want to look at, as in where we want to live when we buy a house again!  As much as we love England, the winter is just a killer, plus we have no immediate desire to return to Australia (especially with the animals).  An interesting fact is that we can claim our Aussie pensions in Spain, France, Italy and virtually the rest of Europe, but won't get a cent if we stay in the UK!

Oh we love making plans.....making them come off is always a bit trickier!

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