Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Bertha

Big Bertha is still in a coma after her session with the red wine.

'Big Bertha' is my name I gave my laptop.  As the name suggests she is a big piece, but she is such  a beautiful big piece!  She has a huge crystal-clear screen (which I just love staring into) and a big, big chunky keyboard, which is a joy to caress.  Her downside is she can't handle her drink ... one glass of red and its all over!  I am going to take her to Dr Trevor tomorrow (El's brother) ... I am really hoping that he can work his magic and bring her back to life (as he has done on a few occasions to date !!)  We have been in touch with him him about her and he reckons that the red wine may have caused irreparable brain damage!

Please pray for her, people.

So, tonight I am using Elaine's laptop, which is bit of a 'Posh Spice' of laptops ... skinny and no character.

We came back from London yesterday morning and had a good drive north.  I gave it a bit of a flogging as the alarm man was coming to check the alarm he fitted to the motorhome recently, as one of the sensors isn't working correctly.  He was due at 13.00, we arrived at 13.02 and he arrived at 17.30!!!  Bugger, we could have stayed in London for a few more hours!   The result was he couldn't fix it and has ordered another sensor.  

I managed to pick up a dose of man flu in London, which is bit of a bugger.  We slept in separate ends of boat last night to lessen the chances of Elaine getting it.  I felt really crap last night so went to bed at 21.00 - my earliest night since we arrived in the UK.

We needed to sort out a few more things on the boat today.  I removed light and curtain fittings, filled in the screw holes where the old pictures use to hang, then sanded back the filler and masked up and repainted the panels.  You can also see from the pic below that the dogs are quite at home in the spare bed!!

Meanwhile, Elaine packed away more stuff and took it to the motorhome.  She also gave the motorhome a good clean-out on an absolutely gorgeous warm day. 

There is the motorhome right in the middle of the pic ... 

... zoom in and there is Elaine having a chat with Lesley from NB Yarwood!
Have I mentioned the super zoom on the camera before? 
We were looking at the dogs ... not the floor !   El :) 

In the meantime I replaced all the fittings and voila ... what holes?!   Looks good ...

Tomorrow we are off to Manchester for Elaine's last treatment.  I usually sit with her but as I have the highly contagious London-Type-3-Man-Flu I will drop her off then go to Macclesfield to drop off  my big-piece-on-the-side (Big Bertha) to Dr Trev.  Then I will head back to Manchester, pick up Elaine to head back to the good ship.

PS:  Elaine just edited my  previous 'Oh bollocks' post - she has now forbidden me to do a post without her seeing it first !  Oops ... I'm in trouble !

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  1. Oh goodness we will be drawing the shades in future, a Peeping Paul!!!
    X Lesley